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Telehealth (Telemedicine Health)

Telehealth helps you manage your health and well-being

Chester Regional Medical Center’s telehealth services allow nurses and other health care professionals to help manage your health while you remain in the comfort of your own home. Through computers and mobile devices, health care professionals can monitor your vital signs — such as blood pressure, weight or blood sugar levels — to ensure you are managing your health effectively. Nurses can offer advice, make adjustments to care and provide education as needed to ensure proper self-management. Depending on your individual health needs, telehealth equipment can provide specific monitoring services and real-time video conferencing capabilities that allow you to interact directly with nurses and other health care professionals.

Telehealth brings health care expertise and guidance to you, and can provide a wide range of convenient services, such as:

  • Remote monitoring of your vital signs, providing nurses with up-to-date information on your health.
  • Virtual appointments with nurses or doctors via video conferencing.
  • Ability to upload food diaries, medication logs and other information electronically for review.
  • Access to online support groups, health information and self-management tools.
  • Email and online communication with health care professionals, including the ability to ask questions, and order equipment and medications.

Whether you have diabetes, heart disease or another chronic condition that requires close monitoring and attention, Chester Regional Medical Center’s telehealth professionals can help you manage your health effectively and conveniently from home.