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If you have decided to visit the magical British town, Chester, here we offer you the best restaurants in Chester where you can eat and drink:

  1. Restaurant Chez Jules

Almost a French restaurant

What a coincidence!!! my English must be pretty change because the girl who received us at the table immediately asked me where we were from and came from a village in Valencia five km from my house, this place was recommended to me by the host of our Chester B&B, The Stone Chester. It pretends to be a French restaurant, but it is not at all, neither by the menu, nor by the elaboration of the dishes, however, the list has a fair value for money, and the table next to the window was most welcoming.

  1. The Refectory

Café in the cathedral

This magnificent Gothic cathedral offers various leisure and cultural activities to visitors, such as concerts and thematic visits, you can see it on its website. It also has an original café, The Refectory, built in the 13th century, was the dining room for the 40 monks who belonged to the community at the time. The refectory is open from 09:30 to 4:30 and offers a delicious lunch menu, fabulous cakes, salads and sandwiches, and Wi-Fi!

  1. Edgar’s Riverside Eating

Nice place and good food

It is a beautiful house with a garden attached to the wall next to the River Dee, sitting on the terrace in good weather is a delight, but here it is not usual, so if it is not possible, its interior is very cozy as well. Here come the people after the races of the nearby racetrack to eat, or to have the famous tea, the site is excellent and the food too, to recommend.

  1. Roly’s Fudge

Devon’s artisan candy

Fudge De Roly is a shop that produces artisanal fudges insight. From Devon, in the west of the country, they sold them more than twenty years ago. They now have 18 stores around the Uk, USA, and Ireland.

Customized bags for all celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day. Prices start from just £ 9.45, looks like chocolate but it’s not, tastes like butter.

  1. Real Dairy ice cream

Artisanal ice cream

This little ice cream shop is hidden under the clock in Eastgate, in a small cubicle on the city wall itself. It is a branch of the Cheshire farm, where they produce handcrafted ice cream of multiple flavors and recognized quality.

  1. Cafe Naj


It is on the outskirts, leaving the walls and on the way to the B&B where we were staying, I go little to Indus restaurants, but in the UK it is a recommended option for those of us who are Spanish, and we are so well used to it.

I didn’t understand the letter, so I asked for the formula for two, and since I had to choose between some dishes, I told the waiter that I left it in his hands, but that no meal would bite too much. The truth is, it was fine, I had tried everything — chicken, curry, bread with cheese or lamb. It was quite crowded by neighbors of the area and is small, houses — about 6-8 tables.