Today Regional News from City of Chester

Here are some of the regional Chester newstoday:

  • A body has been found on the river Mersey in Seacombe, and police suspect it to be the body of Helen O’Brien who had been reported missing a few days ago.
  • The Council has made a statement to remove homeless protestors who are currently squatting houses.
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When we look into the history of the town of Chester, Chester news today found out that this city was originally built by Romans several hundred years ago. Going back at least two millennia, we see that the city of Chester was built on a castle called “Deva” until it was recaptured by the Saxons. According to history, During the post-Roman period, this city was the ground for the battles between the Welsh and the Saxons. After the Norman Conquest of the year 1066, the city of Chester came under the great Earl Of Chester. According to history , this city soon became a defense point for the Welsh raiders and a launch point for raids on Ireland. The city grew as a Trading Port until the Port Of Liverpool overtook it. During the Georgian and the Victorian periods, this city soon became a place where people went to escape from more commercial cities such as Manchester to live a peaceful life. After that, the city made its own identity. This is the history of Chester city.

What to Do and Tourist Attractions

  • CITY WALLS: this is one of the classic attractions of Chester city. The city walls date back to the Roman period and is in a complete circuit taking up a two-mile train meeting all the gates. You can see a wonderful clock at the Eastgate made on the honor of Queen Victoria. In the Northgate, you can still see the roman foundations intact.
  • CHESTER ROWS: One of the best attractions rated by Chester news today is the Galleried walkways, which are well-formed pathways from the city’s history and are beautiful to look at. There are buildings on either side of the road, and the old-timbered buildings ranging from the 14th century, give a rugged yet stunning look to the city. In the ancient days, roman shops were settled on the roadsides, and traces can be still found today.
  • WATERGRADE BRIDE STREETS: The Watergrade Bridge street has a number of exceptional half-timbered houses, which includes God’s Providence House, which was built in the year 1652. You can find many other beautiful places on this street, like the Leche house, and the Stanley Palace.
  • On the Lower Bridge, you can find the Falcon and the Tudor house as well.
  • CHESTER CATHEDRAL: this is one of the most ancient structures in history present in the city. The church was built back in AD 958 and the current church stands on the remains of the old one. You can find Gothic and early Gothic revival architecture in this church, which gained its status after the dissolution by Henry VIII.
  • CHESTER ROMAN AMPHITHEATER: this is a wonderful piece of Roman architecture in the city. This amphitheater has been subjected to constant excavations and in the year 2005, discoveries have been made regarding the stone sitting being similar to those in Pompeii. Till the 20thLegion, entertainment and fights were held in this particular amphitheater and you can still smell the rustic and ancient ambiance if you are ever here.

Entertainment and Night Life

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  • ROULETTE GAMES: there is a large disk in this game where numbers and colors have been inscribed, and you
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