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The City of Chester is the County seat of Chester County and is situated in the Piedmont section of South Carolina about 180 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina’s beautiful beaches. To the northwest, approximately two hours drive by car, lie the Blue Ridge Mountains filled with scenic beauty and having the highest peaks east of the Rocky Mountains.

The City came into existence as a governmental center about 1795 when a state commission seeking a location for the courthouse for the Chester judicial circuit chose the site for its first courthouse. Shortly after 1800 the town was described as having grown to contain about thirty houses. By 1825 the town had about sixty houses.

The Columbia-Chester railroad line was completed in 1851 and provided impetus to the growth of the town. Following the civil war, Chester became the hub of a radiating network of railroads. With the expansion of agricultural activities and the development of the textile industry in the area, Chester became a thriving commercial center.

The hill top occupied by the courthouse and served by the six radiating roads functioned as the heart of development for the fifty years from about 1870 to 1920. From about 1920 until after the second world war, Chester remained relatively stable. In the 1950’s development began to spread outward with shopping centers and subdivisions.

Throughout its history since incorporation as a municipality in 1840, the city limits have remained virtually unchanged from the one mile radius from the center of town.

Please visit: http://www.choosechester.com/viewvideo.php.