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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a specialized area of radiology that uses very small amounts of radioactive materials (given either orally or intravenously) to examine an organ’s structure and metabolic function, and is used to:

  • Scan organs for abnormalities
  • Evaluate the spread of cancer
  • Locate infection
  • Identify blood clots in the lungs

Sophisticated scanning technology

Chester Regional Medical Center’s nuclear medicine technologists utilize advanced technology that delivers results quickly so doctors can begin treatment as soon as possible. We offer a wide range of diagnostic imaging services, including:

  • Brain scans
  • Breast scans
  • Heart scans, including myocardial perfusion scans
  • Red cell mass studies, to diagnose blood diseases or evaluate blood loss
  • Renal scans, to examine kidney function
  • Thyroid uptake scans
  • Tumor imaging
  • Whole-body bone scans

The Nuclear Medicine Department meets all requirements and standards set forth by the South Carolina Department of Health and Enviornmental Control. Our Nuclear Medicine technologist is certified by the NMTCB and had state certification. Our scans are read by a physician that is Board Certified in Nuclear Medicine.. Nuclear Medicine services include, but are not limited to, bone scans, thallium stress tests, adenosine stress tests, GI bleed scans, thyroid scans, and lung scans .Nuclear Medicine services are available on a scheduled and emergency basis.

To schedule an appointment, call One-Call  Scheduling at (803)-581-4715.