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Hospitalists ensure a continuum of care

When you are admitted to Chester Regional Medical Center, your inpatient care will be carefully managed by our hospitalist team. Since primary care doctors focus on outpatient care, hospitalists ensure a continuum of high-quality care while you’re in the hospital. Hospitalists are available 24 hours a day, every day to ensure you receive excellent care by:

  • Coordinating and managing your inpatient care, including communicating with your primary care doctor, arranging tests and following up on results, and fulfilling any pre- or post-operative needs.
  • Communicating directly with you and your family to ensure you are well informed and are receiving excellent care.
  • Handling any urgent situations.
  • Coordinating your discharge from the hospital and follow-up care with your primary doctor or other health care professionals once you leave the hospital.

Specializing in your unique needs

Hospitalists are dedicated to making your stay at Chester Regional Medical Center as efficient as possible. They play a key role in coordinating care with nurses, doctors and other specialists during your stay, and:

  • Are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide care.
  • Check in with you regularly to keep you informed of tests results or other care-related issues.
  • Adjust your treatment regimen as needed.
  • Meet regularly with all levels of hospital staff to ensure a consistent plan of treatment among all caregivers.

Our hospitalist team is just one more way we provide our patients with exceptional care.